here are some of the things i do.

build products.

I conceived and helped code a tool called Engage for The Guardian website. Engage is an on-page widget that allows readers to respond to prompts about Comment is Free articles and tweet their responses without leaving the site.

tell stories

At WNYC's Studio 360, I co-produced an interview with famed book editor and poet Jonathan Galassi, and I initiated and helped produce The Great Popsicle Stick Throwdown with Nick Offerman. I researched upcoming guests, wrote scripts, penned questions, cut tape and once I ran into John Cusack in the hallway.


digital journalism

At Studio 20, a digital-first graduate program at NYU dedicated to adapting journalism for the web, I helped news organizations like The Guardian reach more millennials and Storyful to adopt a more agile workflow. For my thesis project I worked with The Daily Dot to develop video content.

ask questions.

I spoke with Lady Gaga as she was nearing her "Bad Romance" megafame.

I've also interviewed Future IslandsLena Dunham and one half of Atlanta-bred hip hop duo Outkast, Big Boi. I've covered Polish artists and Pussy Riot and once gave Father John Misty a new tattoo in Berlin (sort of). 


win awards.

"What is Home?" is an interactive multimedia website featuring an array of video profiles. It won a College Photographer of the Year 2016 Award of Excellence and was a finalist in 2016 for the SXSW Interactive Innovation Award in student innovation.

lead teams.

From 2011 to 2013 I worked at The Prague Post as a staff reporter and as the Special Sections editor. I was responsible for planning, reporting, producing and editing a Schools and Education periodical. I also managed interns and mediated between the sales and editorial departments.

"East, West, Home's Best" tells the story of musician Morgan O'Kane, who once spent his days hopping from train to train as he traversed the United States.

Now, as a resident of one of Brooklyn's industrial neighborhoods, O'Kane has turned a set of gleaming silver Airstream trailers into a cozy home for himself and his young son, Cassius, along with their Chihuahua, Stanley.